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About us

The Conscious Mind is your awareness of not only you, but also your surroundings. We all have ability, but it means nothing without actions. Far too often we overlook our most powerful asset and resource, which is the ability to use our Brain. The goal of Conscious Minds Clothing is to consistently provide Conscious Apparel that motivates you to elevate your way of thinking.

Conscious Minds is a small business which started evolving on October 12, 2015. We launched our first Preview Sale in Huntsville, AL on January 16, 2016 to a select group of family and friends. The feedback and support from that Saturday afternoon set the tone for a great beginning. 

At Conscious Minds the sky is NOT the limit. We believe with knowledge, inspiration, motivation, and determination we can do anything! We are Conscious Minds. 

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Thanks for checking us out, Stay Conscious!!